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Article: Your Favorite Celebrity Couple Just Went On A Hike Today! See The Cute Pictures Here!

3 Jul


Can they get any cuter?! Power couple: Kira Kosarin and Chase Austin went on a lovely morning hike today, July 3, 2015 and the pictures that were shared on social media equals #relationshipgoals. Kira Kosarin shared some super adorable photos of herself with her boyfriend, Chase Austin on their morning hike through her Twitter account. Along with a few of the photos shared, Kira Kosarin wrote, “Hiking Days”.

So precious! Check out more photos of Kira Kosarin and Chase Austin’s excellent morning hike! They are so wonderful and I’m glad they had an excellent morning!

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Article: Kira Kosarin Spends Her Day At The Beach & The Pictures Are Amazing! Check Them Out Here!

29 Jun


Summer means a lot of things – BBQs, summer concerts, no school and of course – beach days, beach days and more beach days! The dazzling and absolutely spectacular Kira Kosarin enjoyed her day today, June 29, 2015 spending her time at the beach and was also joined by her beautiful mother as they soaked up some sun! Whether it is taking over the red / orange carpets or heading out to the beach – Kira Kosarin always looks phenomenal! Her beach OOTD (outfit of the day) is so marvelous! The lovely Kira Kosarin shared some photos from her day at the beach and she truly makes us all wish we were beach buddies with her!

Along with the marvelous and super sweet photo above shared through Kira Kosarin’s Twitter account, Kira wrote, “We made it to the beach “.

Check out more photos below shared on Kira Kosarin’s Twitter from her fun-filled beach day! I’m glad Kira Kosarin enjoyed a relaxing day today – she truly deserves it!

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Article: Watch The Season 3 Trailer For “The Thundermans” And Tune In To The Premiere On June 27th!

22 Jun


From super sis to super diss to a new super power – let’s just say this third season of Nickelodeon’s highly-acclaimed, top-ranked, hit TV show, “The Thundermans” is going to be an extraordinary one! Mark your calendars because the day is almost here, the third season of “The Thundermans” is super speeding its way onto all of our TVs and there is a lot of excitement in this new season! The Thundermans have a new super sis and guess what?! She gets a new super power – what will it be? You’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Nickelodeon shared the spectacular and outstanding, official trailer for season three of “The Thundermans” – take a look at it below and be sure to watch the season three premiere of “The Thundermans” on June 27th at 8:00 PM on Nickelodeon!

Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what do YOU think is Chloe Thunderman’s new super power?

Article: Kira Kosarin And Chase Austin Game Away At Nintendo’s E3 Gaming Convention!

18 Jun


Get your game on! The phenomenal and effervescent actress: Kira Kosarin had a fabulous time as she attended Nintendo’s E3 Gaming Convention on June 16, 2015 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California with her boyfriend, Chase Austin. “The Thundermans” / “One Crazy Cruise” star had a blast gaming away with Chase Austin and enjoyed playing tons of Nintendo games at the event. I wonder who won the games – Kira or Chase! :) Kira Kosarin and Chase Austin even hung out with Luigi from the Nintendo Mario Kart games! What a fun day!

Kira Kosarin wrote along with a photo she shared through her Twitter account, “Messing around with the new Yoshi game from with at yesterday!”.

Chase Austin wrote along with a photo he shared through his Instagram account, “Okay, this guy! Context: I am a very huge gaming enthusiast! I really have to thank #Nintendo for letting me tag along with the girl. 
If you guys haven’t gotten the wii U yet, get it. There’s a new star fox and Yoshi game that will blow your mind! Check it out! #E3#Luigi“. 

Check out more photos below of power couple: Kira Kosarin and Chase Austin at Nintendo’s E3 Gaming Convention! I’m glad Kira Kosarin and Chase Austin had a brilliant time at the event! Don’t forget to catch Kira Kosarin in the highly-anticipated, Nickelodeon movie, “One Crazy Cruise” premiering tomorrow, June 19th!

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Article: Watch The Official Teaser For “The Thundermans” Episode “Guess The Power” & See The Premiere On June 27th!

8 Jun


“The Thundermans” cast have reached many milestones together – they just recently celebrated making fifty episodes for the show and the brilliant Nickelodeon TV has recently announced that our favorite superhero family is back with a third season premiering on June 27th! Fans have been counting down the days and marking down their calendars for the premiere of the third season of the fan-favorite show and just to add a lot more excitement, Nickelodeon has just released a fun teaser for “The Thundermans” episode titled “Guess The Power”. In the highly-anticipated episode, Chloe gets a new superpower, but we all just have to tune in to see what exactly it is!

Let’s take a look at what some of “The Thundermans” stars tweeted regarding the premiere of the outstanding third season:

Kira Kosarin: “Exciting news! The Season 3 premiere is June 27th! Who’s excited?!”.

Jack Griffo: “Milestone hit. 50 episodes of awesomeness with my family.. Ridiculous!! Also SEASON 3 premiers on Nick JUNE 27TH”.

Addison Riecke: “ Season 3 will premiere Saturday, June 27th! Watch this clip from !

Check out the official teaser for “Guess The Power” below and don’t forget to tune in to the season three premiere of “The Thundermans” on June 27th! So exciting!

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Article: Watch The Official Trailer Of “One Crazy Cruise” Here! PLUS Another Sneak Peek!

6 Jun


Cruises are always a blast – going on the seas, enjoying the cruise activities, and visiting new places! What a wonderful vacation – when things go right! The Jensen-Bauers are newly formed siblings and to celebrate the summer fun, they all go on an exciting cruise together, however, things don’t really go as planned. After one crazy night that leads to an even crazier day, Ellie, Piper, Cameron and Nate must work together to find a solution to all the craziness that has happened before their parents find out! Nickelodeon is known for making masterpieces and has created another masterpiece with the highly-anticipated, upcoming movie, “One Crazy Cruise” which is set to premiere on June 19th at 8:00 PM!

To get fans even more excited for the upcoming movie, Nickelodeon released the official trailer for the movie! Nickelodeon also shared another fabulous sneak peek to the movie called, “What Happened Last Night?” where the Jensen-Bauer siblings find themselves really wondering… “what DID happen last night?” Ellie (played by Kira Kosarin) has an anchor tattoo, there are ping pong balls on the floor and Nate is covered in purple goo! Check out the sneak peek at this link: http://fb.me/7f9TCErih

Check out the official trailer of Nickelodeon’s “One Crazy Cruise” below and mark your calendars for the stupendous premiere on June 19th! With a remarkable and extraordinary cast and one entertaining story – this movie is bound to be another sensation!

Article: Kira Kosarin Looks Beautiful Supporting The Premiere Of Her Boyfriend, Chase Austin’s Movie “Soledad”!

1 Jun


What a power couple! The incredibly talented and vivacious, Kira Kosarin looked so flawless and stunning as she showed her support yesterday, May 31, 2015 at the premiere of her boyfriend, Chase Austin’s movie “Soledad”. “The Thundermans” star looked so gorgeous in her all-black attire and smiled from ear to ear as she snapped the super adorable picture above with her boyfriend.

Along with the fabulous photo above shared through her Twitter account, Kira Kosarin wrote, “Had a blast last night at the premiere of ‘s movie ! I’m so proud of you babe”.

The lovely Kira Kosarin also tweeted, “On my way to the festival to support ‘s film . So excited and so proud of my babe”.

Kira Kosarin and her boyfriend make such a fantastic couple! They truly are voted as the cutest couple on this planet! I’m glad Kira Kosarin and Chase Austin had a spectacular night!

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Article: The Casts Of “The Thundermans”, “100 Things” And “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky And Dawn” Have A Blast Filming Together!

31 May


Why is a day like today oh, so very special? Well, today, May 31, 2015 brought together the remarkable and stupendous casts of some of our favorite Nickelodeon TV shows! Today, the casts of “The Thundermans”, “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn” and the upcoming, highly-anticipated TV series, “100 Things” joined together to shoot something very fun. The incredible and immensely talented casts had so much fun being together and we all can’t wait to see what these magnificent individuals were working on today!

“100 Things” star, Isabela Moner shared the terrific photo above through her Instagram account and wrote, “right after we stuffed ourselves with cookie cake! #retweet #repost #nrdd #thundermans #100things@nickelodeontv“.

Kira Kosarin shared the photos below through her Twitter account and wrote, “Having a blast today shooting with my ! “.

Casey Simpson wrote along with a photo he shared through his Instagram account, “We got dat cookie cake. #repost #nrdd#thethundermans #100things“.

What phenomenal photos! The casts of “The Thundermans”, “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn” and “100 Things” are truly spectacular!

Article: Find Out All You Need To Know About Nickelodeon’s “One Crazy Cruise” Before Its Upcoming Premiere!

29 May


Summer vacation is right around the corner and you know what that means – vacations, vacations, and vacations! Some of you may be heading out on some fun cruises this summer, just like the Jensen-Bauer family! Meet Ellie Bauer, Cameron Bauer, Piper Jensen and Nate Jensen – newly formed siblings who are heading out on a vacation of a lifetime! When the Jensen-Bauer family pack their bags and embark on their family cruise, things don’t seem to go as planned for the kids, and Ellie, Cameron, Piper and Nate must work together to fix everything before their parents find out about their crazy adventures.

With such an exciting storyline and an all-star, brilliant cast – “One Crazy Cruise” is bound to be another one of Nickelodeon’s many masterpieces. You can head on over to: http://www.nick.com/one-crazy-cruise/ to get your sneak peek and learn all you need to know about Nickelodeon’s “Once Crazy Cruise” before the premiere in a few weeks! Watch a clip from the movie and learn about the characters so you can know all about the Jensen-Bauers before you watch them as they go on their awesome vacation!

Kira Kosarin tweeted, “GUYS. My new movie is airing in a few weeks!! Sneak peak at “.

Rio Mangini wrote on his official Facebook page, “Hey guys! heres a sneak peek at ma new movie! Nick Original film “One Crazy Cruise” Starring Kira Kosarin Sydney Park Benjamin Flores Jr. (Lil P-Nut Sedona James and Me!”.

Sedona James tweeted, “Watch the sneak preview of the new movie on  “.

Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, are YOU excited to see “One Crazy Cruise” on Nickelodeon? I know I am!

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Article: How Did Kira Kosarin Spend Her Memorial Day? Find Out Here! (@KiraKosarin)

25 May


One incredible and marvelous actress? Check! One stupendous dancer? Check! One outstanding role model to all her fans? Check, Check, Check! The spectacular, Kira Kosarin is one terrific multi-threat who inspires people everywhere to live a healthy life both physically and mentally. Many of Kira Kosarin’s fans know how much Kira Kosarin works hard to live a happy and healthy life – whether it be dancing or taking a yoga class, Kira Kosarin does it all!

So, how did this fantastic The Thundermans star celebrate her Memorial Day? By going hiking up to the Hollywood sign! Kira Kosarin got up and active today, May 25, 2015 as she went hiking to the Hollywood sign with her friend.

Along with the photo above shared through Kira Kosarin’s Twitter account, Kira Kosarin wrote, “Strong is the new sexy  “.

Along with the excellent photo below, Kira Kosarin wrote, “Made it through our 10 mile hike in 4 hours Time for lots and lots of food “.



What a brilliant way to celebrate Memorial Day! Kira Kosarin is such an inspiration!

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